Spishutter Near Field Blocker


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The SpiShutter Near Field Blocker is a card that blocks unwanted Radio Transceivers from accessing your credit card or personal data. Simply place the Near Field Blocker in your Wallet, Purse or Travel case nearby your wireless featured credit cards or Passport and your data is protected. One card is in most cases enough to cover all cards in your wallet.


  • Protects most RFID, NFC and EMV based payment, debit and credit cards
  • Protects NFC based ID and Passports
  • Protects some other general purpose RFID cards such as Hotel Keys and Access Control Badges using 13.56MHz frequency (Note: Some proprietary card types use different RFiD frequency)
  • Can protects several cards at once (See image for coverage area)
  • Same height/width as standard credit cards


  • Q: Will the NFC Protect my iPhone/Android payment feature if placed nearby? 

  • A: All Smart Phones supporting Apple or Google pay use 2-way communication with 2 factored authentication (your phone and your fingerprint as an example). This means there’s no need to use the Near Field Blocker with your phone.

  • Q: Does the Near Field Blocker protect my Hotel Key card?

  • A: Many Hotel and access control cards use different RFiD frequency than Payment Cards and will in that case not be protected. The Near Field Blocker will only protect Access control cards that operate at 13.56MHz frequency 
  • Q: DO I need one for front and another one for back?

  • A: No, the Near Field Blocker covers a stack of cards up to 18mm thick if placed in the center (9mm if placed at either end). The Near Field Blocker also blocks cards up to 26mm away vertical distance or 42mm away Horizontal (see coverage image).


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