SpiShutter is an easy, discrete way to ensure your privacy by shielding your Macbook’s webcam against unwanted eyes. You should never have to worry about your personal devices betraying your privacy, but the truth is that there is currently a rise in the threat of webcam hacking. SpiShutter was invented to address these webcam hacking concerns, as well as to prevent those potentially awkward moments when your webcam is accidentally enabled during a Skype conversation or an online conference call. No one wants to get famous from an unintentional embarrassing or personal video going viral! That’s why we created SpiShutter to be a simple, discrete, always-on solution. A magnetic metal strip that allows you to physically block the embedded webcam on a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air laptop, it's designed to be able to stay on your computer at all times, even when the lid is closed. SpiShutter has an opening in the center of the strip that lets you easily enable your webcam by sliding the strip left or right, and then block the camera when not in use. Made from cold rolled steel, SpiShutter is mounted by leveraging existing magnets in your MacBook’s lid and it does not interfere with the laptop’s ability to fully close and stay closed.