WHY DO I NEED A SPISHUTTER? You should never have to worry about your personal devices betraying your privacy, but the truth is that there is currently a rise in the threat of webcam hacking. As an example, in August 2013, Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf revealed that she was the victim of a webcam hack in which someone took pictures of her, supposedly nude, in her room and used them for blackmail. SpiShutter was invented to address these webcam hacking concerns, as well as to prevent those potentially awkward moments when your webcam is accidentally enabled during a Skype conversation or an online conference call. No one wants to get famous from an unintentional embarrassing or personal video going viral! 

DOES THE SPISHUTTER STAY ON WHILE MY LAPTOP IS CLOSED? The SpiShutter is made from a super thin high carbon material that allows it to remain attached while the lid is closed.

CAN I BUY SPISHUTTER OUTSIDE THE US? Yes, we deliver world-wide with free shipping.

CAN I MAKE CUSTOM SPISHUTTERS? The strategic placement and shape of SpiShutter makes it the perfect option for personalization. Company logos or custom messaging can be easily engraved on either side of the window for display whenever the computer is open. We offer customization option for personal slogans/messages or company logo’s. Please refer to our custom product section for more info or send us an e-mail

DOES SPISHUTTER WORK ON MY IMAC? SpiShutter currently only works with MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Laptops (11"/13"/15" display's) as it takes advantage of the embedded magnets that are normally used to keep the lid closed. We are working on additional versions for iMacs and other popular devices.

DOES THE SPISHUTTER INTERFERE WITH MY AUTOMATIC BACK-LIGHT ADJUSTMENT? Depending on how you use it, the SpiShutter might cover the ambiance light sensor which is used to automatically adjust the display back-light. Most users have the automatic back-light adjustment disabled from the MacBook system preferences, but if you want to use this feature, simply make sure you slide the SpiShutter to the left to block the webcam as this allows you to block the webcam but still have the light sensor visibly exposed. (the light sensor is located 0.5"/1cm to the left of the webcam).

DOES THE SPISHUTTER INTERFERE WITH MY WIFI ANTENNAS? The MacBook wifi antennas are located in the side of your display and not the top so the SpiShutter will not interfere with the wifi signal of you laptop.

WHERE IS THE SPISHUTTER SOLD? The SpiShutter can be purchased directly from our product section. The SpiShutter is also available on (with free shipping for prime members). We are also working on bringing the SpiShutter to a retail store near you.